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    Indonesian Rice is a Reggae Dub music group that was formed in Surabaya, Indonesia on early February 2009. Consist of Daddy T as the main vocal, followed with guitarist Sinatrya Dharaka, drummer Faris Bahasuan, bassist Rhesa Filbert, trombone Bintang Elkana, keys/synth Rizki Raja.

    The name Indonesian Rice is derived from its member's nationality that live and grow in Indonesia. While rice, Indonesia's traditional daily food, is chosen as a symbol of showing more on an earthy identity. Energetic, soothing, and able to perform positive vibes, both mentally & spiritually, are some of Reggae's strength that assemble them to play & choose it as their main genre.

    In 2015, they made some changes in music, not only Reggae style, Indonesian Rice is also influenced by other tunes such as Rocksteady, Rub a Dub, Lovers Rock, Soul, Funk & Hip Hop. With this rich content, they then compose some unique sound for their own music.

    In May 2016, Indonesian Rice released their first album called "PROLOG". Along with this new album, Indonesian Rice will show different style of stage acts with the addition of brass section & backing vocal.