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The Story of "Satu"

    Shortly After releasing their debut album “PROLOG” Indonesian Rice was flooded with gigs, ranging from local gigs, various other cities, even to the capital city. In the beginning of 2017 Indonesian Rice decides to collaborate with local illustrator from Surabaya Celcea Tifani. Celcea was trusted to collaborate with Indonesian Rice in the making of lyric video “Satu”, which is also one of the songs in their debut album “PROLOG”.

    The song “Satu” itself tells a story about one’s feeling towards a person that he/she once loved, but then realizes that time will not turn backwards. What’s left is only dreams of loving that person.

    In this collaboration, Celcea communicates her perpective as an illustrator who enjoys a few of Indonesian Rice’s song, especially the song “Satu” which is then communicated visually as an illustration. “In the song Satu, there are two parts which is the lyric and the music. Well, when I listened to the song, I enjoyed music much more. The instruments that I heard sounds very full and confident. Personally I enjoyed instruments that sounds like that. When listening to the song Satu there are many layers of sounds in that song like piano, brass section, vocal, and other instruments that makes it all sounds dynamic” said Celcea.

    The illustrator which is now currently based in Shanghai, China also says that the realization of the song “Satu” comes from her sense of comfort and love for the instrument which sounds dynamic and layered. “I made an illustration that are overlapping each other but complements one another. I also played with colors that convey my feelings when listening to Satu", said Celcea.



    Through ups & downs, we're finally able to finalize their album within a year. Though only consist of 10 tracks of songs, a year was crucially needed to complete their album, PROLOG, because of some some band member's personal matter such as education issue, yet some were also have to fulfill our duty to play in other bands.

    Moreover, the recording sessions were done in several studios: drum & guide in Kharisma Studio, vocal - guitar - brass in L-One Studios, Abidin Studio & Jooks Studio for keyboard - organ - sound fx take.

    PROLOG talks much or less about everyday's issue from Indonesian Rice's perspective views. All lyrics are written by Daddy T himself. This new album is filled with richer sound arrangement by bringing a little sound of soul, dub, rocksteady, funk, and hip hop. In result, compared to their usual live play, PROLOG somehow shows a more refreshing sound to their music.

    All songs in this album were mixed and mastered by Mr. Arissaputra from L-One Studios. Followed with many supports from other musicians such as trumpet player Arta, saxophonist Yudo, saxophonist Evan, trumpet player Indra, backing vocalist Dhanny.

    For the album cover, inspired by Kingston's street life in JA that also adapted to present band member's character, they choose artist Ilham Nugroho aka TksLowskill to illustrate the cover art.

Big up! Bless!


    From having the recording session to mixing & mastering process for a year, vocalist Daddy T, drummer Faris, bassist Rhesa, guitarist Raka, trombonist Bintang, key and synth player Raja, that formed under the name Indonesian Rice are finally going to release their first album called PROLOG.

    Thematic brass section & funkier riff, make "Ghetto" as Indonesian Rice's first single that was released on April 4th. With a great support from trumpeter Arta Dwi Laksono, vocalist Maria Angela Dhanny, and saxophonist Evan Hardhany, "Ghetto" is thought to be the best single to represent the whole album, PROLOG.

    Inspired by current issues that has happened, "Ghetto" is more or less Indonesian Rice's perspective to speak about how people are actually lack of moral, and that matter doesn't only happen to underdogs but even also to those who actually got power and authorities.

    Artworks and merchs are also released with the single. And freely downloadable on Soundcloud.